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A few Words about me

In 2008 I was introduced to film music. My interest grew, I started looking up a lot of information about making film music. My desire grew to become a (film) composer myself and in 2009 I composed my first music.

I have never stopped composing since then. I kept improving myself every time and gained new software and virtual sounds and software to work with and to improve my music.

My experience

By listening carefully, reading and watching a lot of educational information of teachers and professionals, I gather my knowledge of the film scoring business. I also learn a lot through masterclasses and courses. I get my experience from scoring films, commercials, trailers and documentaries.

I love exploring different styles of music and new ways to compose. I like the use of new instruments and the abstract sounds that I might get from them. With this I can make new soundscapes for every project I score.

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